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EBC Exports offers a completely Free of Charge service to all Local Partners throughout North America, Central & Eastern Europe and the BRIC Regions who are interested in partnering with high quality manufactures from Western Europe, USA/Canada. Our free service extends to Distributors, Re-sellers, Agents, Sales Representatives, Importers, Dealers, Online companies and End-Users.

We represent the leading manufacturing companies who produce high quality and sell very niche and specialized products who are looking to develop their export business. Therefore if you are looking for a supplier we can help.

We understand how important it is for you to partner with manufacturers that you can grow with. After all as a Local Partner you will be selling and servicing the products to your clients, so it is highly important that your chosen manufacturer is easy to get hold of, can offer good delivery times, support you at all times plus provide training.

Therefore, if you are a Distributor, Dealer, Re-seller, Importer, Agent, Sales Representative or End-User based in Central & Eastern Europe, North America or the BRIC Regions and you have demands for a product that you don’t stock or your current supplier is giving you problems and you would like to build relationships with new manufacturers from Western Europe or USA/Canada then we are here to help. Just fill out our simple enquiry form below and we will be in contact.

Once we have received your completed form, one of our consultants will contact you to discuss matching your company to the perfect manufacturer you can have a long lasting relationship with.

Please Note: The below enquiry form is intended for the above types of selling organizations interested in representing new manufacturers. If you are a manufacturer interested in generating new sales channels please fill out our GPEF questionnaire within the region of your choice.

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