If you are already trading overseas or if you are new to exports you will understand the importance of gaining the right export partners. A good partner can make your business grow from strength to strength in an international market.

Our Purpose

Your intuition as a business owner and manager will be telling you that the time is right to expand on your business horizons. Our purpose is to help build your companies export exposure and growth by introducing you directly to Local Partners and End-Users that need your technology, speak your language, have the right technical experience and have the finances to ensure prompt payment

Our Clients

Our Clients are companies of all different sizes, ranging from organisations that already have a good export business and want to continue their growth to small family companies that are taking their first steps in exporting. But whatever size your company may be, if you are looking to develop your exports then you are going to need companies to know who you are, what you offer and the benefits of working with you over your competitors.

Tailor Made Service

We recognize that every company is unique and that every company have a different way of developing a market. Therefore we provide a tailor made service that will fit your organisations needs.
We believe that to have a successful export market it is all about having the right partners. So we will endeavor to introduce you to partners that would be a good fit. We will help you gain good local partners on the ground who are eager to have a long relationship with you because they believe that your products would be perfect for their client base. We will help you gain sales partners who will do local marketing, pay in advance, have a strong sales force and an excellent after sales service team. They should have a good reputation and be motivated. When you get partners like this in a country you will have a strong export market.

How we help

The great news is that for many years we have been developing our database by attending exhibitions, doing local marketing, having staff on the ground, attending industry specific seminars and workshops, liaising with the local governments and investment banks as well as using the Internet.
The main issue when developing any market is first of all doing the market research and knowing who to approach. The good news is that we have accomplished this first step. The next step is to understand exactly what type of customers and partners you are looking for. We need to understand the benefits of your technology over your competitors and how you fit in with price and quality. Then once we understand your needs we can begin.
Over a 12 months period We will start to introduce you to companies by getting them to know who you are. We do this by introducing your company via email, website and telephone. The final result is that without you leaving your office we will bring you qualified inquiries from partners and end-customers that are wanting to speak with you because they are interested in a relationship.



We ask you to fill in and complete our online questionnaire.

Once completed, this questionnaire will provide our team of researchers with valuable information on your requirements. For Example: products you want to focus on, key benefits of your products, types of customers/Local Partners you are looking for, Countries you want us to help you develop etc…
Such vital information will help us identify the relevant companies to approach on your behalf.


We will create a Corporate Profile on your company which we will use to approach potential customers and partners on your behalf . Explaining who you are the products you are offering and the benefits of working with you.

Example corporate profile


We then match all of your criteria contained within your completed questionnaire to identify the relevant partners/customers from our database. Then we will email all of these qualified contacts your customized corporate profile along with links to your website.


We will further qualify these contacts to develop the right enquiries for you. This will be done via telephone. This will ensure that we only put on your desk contact details from companies that we know are interested in your products and are willing to speak with you.


When we have a company that we know is matching your criteria specified on your questionnaire and that are interested in working with you, we will immediately telephone plus email you the details of this contact.
You can then take over, phone this company, build a relationship and negotiate with them.