We build your export markets

For many years successful companies have realized that having a healthy export market is the route to growth and survival. Therefore our goal is to help manufacturers of high quality products with a higher price tag become strong across Eastern Europe, North America and the BRIC Regions. The secret is gaining good local partners from your chosen export market, who already have the relationship to the customers, who have the technical knowledge but most importantly have the drive to sell and make your brand a leader.
So whether you are a small, medium or large company Euro Business Connections are the key in helping you develop and grow your business into international markets. The secret is simple…
It is not who you know” but “who knows you“. This is why our hole business is built on relationships and relationship building.

Our relationship building process

We have the largest most precise database of contacts for Central & Eastern Europe, North America and the BRIC regions. We have over 20 years experience building relationships within these regions. Whether it is from attending exhibitions, doing local marketing, having staff on the ground, attending industry specific seminars and workshops, liasing with the local governments, financial institutes or industry specific associations. Our extensive relationships have been built with the leading Distributors, Agents, Wholesalers, Dealers, OEM’s, Resellers, Traders, Importers etc…. and with each of these companies we have built our relationships with the decision makers such as the General Managers, Technical Directors, Engineers and Purchasing Directors.

Getting you known

With our extensive knowledge of the markets and existing relationships with Local Partners and End-Users in your business we will educate these companies of who you are and show them the benefits of buying from you.
The secret to our continued success is that we never work with a manufacturer (you) and your competitors at the same time. We will only ever work with one chosen manufacturer of a product ensuring that all of our resources, time and effort are spent on developing you successfully. So when we educate potential buyers and partners of who you are and why you are the best, we will then only place these qualified enquiries on your sales team desk to deal with, ensuring that your time is only being spent with the right people.

You can only gain new customers if they know and believe in you

However for that to happen you must spend a lot of money on marketing so that you can educate customers about the benefits of buying from you. There are many ways you can show potential new customers who you are however the most popular choices are attending exhibitions, advertising in industry specific magazines or advertising through the internet. However whatever marketing activities you undertake you do them so that you can gain valuable names and addresses for your database so that your sales team can visit these companies, phone them or mail shot your brochures. Unfortunately even though you spend a fortune on these necessary marketing activities there are still no guarantees that customers will buy from you.
This is why Euro Business Connections are a very popular option because we can provide you with the same partners and customers without you even leaving the office

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